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Zurich Claims


Roadside Assistance

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Use all reasonable means to protect yourself and protect your vehicle from further damage in the event of a mechanical failure. Take the correct precautions to make sure you are safe and the vehicle’s issue does not get worse. Stop the vehicle immediately if you are driving.


Choose your repair shop

We will work with any ASE certified repair shop nationwide


Get your inspection

Let them know the details of your issue and authorize any necessary diagnostic charges. If the disassembly and diagnosis is for a covered failed component, the cost will be covered.


Using your contract

You will receive an “Inspection Order”: a summary of the labor, parts and components required to fix your vehicle. Before authorizing any repairs, ask for the “Service Advisor” or “Manager”, and inform them you will be using your Vehicle Service Contract to assist in covering the cost.

Provide them with:

The name of your Claims Provider:

• Universal Underwriters Service Corporation, a Zurich Company

Your Contract Number

• Ex. P00032941

Your VIN:

• Ex. P00032941


Calling to confirm coverage

The repair shop or dealership "Service Advisor" or "Manager" will now call the number to your Claims Provider. This is when they will confirm the covered labor, parts and components required to fix your vehicle.

• Once a verdict is reached, you will be informed of exactly what is covered, the cost, etc. and you can authorize repairs


Pay your deductible

You should pay your deductible to the repair shop directly. This is usually all you should be asked to pay. If the mechanic asks you to pay more, make sure to ask why, and call us if something doesn't make sense.