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What to know about CarmaCare?

  • Both Century Warranty Services and Universal Underwriters Service Corporation, an individual member company of Zurich Insurance Company, are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. In 2022 alone, they paid over $700 million combined in claims.

  • CarmaCare’s team includes licensed professionals with a minimum of 4+ years in the service industry. Our focus on helping customers better understand how their coverage works, as well as, how to navigate the claims experience, has earned us multiple 5-star ratings on Google Reviews. Our Partner, Century Warranty Services, is known for their professional service and timely answer rate. With a proven track record of answering at least 80% of calls within 20 seconds or less.

  • We provide the gold standard for communication options. Granting you access to call, email and text our team of licensed experts, whenever you need assistance. Everything is done with a personal touch. Call: 224-313-4589 Email: [email protected]

  • CarmaCare can save customers an average of $588 a year on our vehicle service contracts when compared to the cost of similar plans offered by other providers. Fun Fact: According to, the average American spent $1,986 on car repairs in 2019, which equates to around $195 billion total for the entire country. That is about $165 a month on car repairs!

How does CarmaCare coverage work?

  • Yes. Your contract is designed to be used at any certified repair facility in the nation. Always make sure to let the repair facility know you have a vehicle service contract with CarmaCare prior to authorizing any repairs. The mechanic or service team at the repair shop will contact our provider directly to cover repairs.

  • We provide the most affordable and customizable deductible options on the market. You can choose from a $100 deductible or $250 deductible. In the event that you have a claim for needed repairs, you pay your selected deductible and your coverage is designed to take care of the remaining balance.

  • The repairs covered on your vehicle service contract are for mechanical repairs to your vehicle. We provide everything you need to know about what exactly is covered in the services section of the website. Additionally, you will find an exact copy of the vehicle service contract you will receive, in the Coverages section of the funnel. Our team is always here to answer any questions and can be contacted via +1 (224) 313-4589 or [email protected]

  • Our comprehensive plan does not cover any aftermarket modifications or alterations to the vehicle not recognized by the manufacturer. Aftermarket performance kits or systems are not covered.

  • Coverage begins 30 days and 1,000 miles after the purchase date. If your vehicle is less than 3 years old and has fewer than 36,000 miles, coverage is effective immediately. Coverage under the Service Contract expires: (1) based on term or mileage, whichever comes first; or (2) if/when the aggregate total of benefits paid/payable under the Service Contract exceeds the limits as set forth in the limits of liability section.

How does filing a claim work?

  • The claims process is simple. If your vehicle needs repair, bring the vehicle to a licensed and insured repair facility. Provide the repair facility with a copy of your Service Contract, and have the repair facility contact the contract administrator BEFORE any repairs. This can also be found in your client portal. If you cannot do this, please follow the instructions on your Service Contract and call the toll-free number indicated on the bottom of your contract and a claims analyst will assist you. Claim payments, less your deductible, are made usually made directly to the repair facility. There is no paperwork for you to fill out, and since payments are made to the repair facility directly, there's no wait for reimbursement. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always contact CarmaCare at (224)-313-4589

  • Mechanics deal with vehicle service contracts all the time! Before starting any repairs, make sure to let the repair facility know you have a vehicle service contract with CarmaCare. To make sure your claim is approved, the repair facility will contact the administrator’s claims office via the phone number provided on your contract. After payments are sorted, you will authorize the needed repairs.

  • Yes. We provide every customer with a direct line to claims experts who can help to answer questions about your contract and provide reassurances about a potential claim.

How do payments work?

  • Yes. Begin by selecting the “Get Quote” button and entering in the required information. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

  • We accept any of the following debit/credit card options: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER. We also offer automatic payments so your card will be processed each month, without worry! Modify your payment information at any time by logging into your CarmaCare account.

  • You will be charged your monthly cost every 30-days for the term of your contract.

  • We guarantee a price lock during the selected term of your contract. Our term lengths include 4 - 10 years. After your term is up, you will be notified about the opportunity to renew and any rate adjustments disclosed.

  • Yes. We give you the autonomy to cancel your policy at any point. You will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your payment period. This will be refunded to your credit card.

  • In the event that your debit/credit card is declined, we will provide a 5-day grace period and contact you directly before your Service Contract is terminated for failure to pay the purchase price.

How is my information used?

  • Let us start by saying your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We do not sell any of your personal information. We require your vehicle information to make sure we are generating an accurate quote valid for you to purchase today. This means your license plate number, but we can quote you with just your Year, Make and Model.

  • Your Contact Info: We require email address and phone number only for our team of licensed professionals to get in touch. We guarantee that you will not receive any robo calls or spam emails. All communications are customized for our customers.